2007|01|12 S.A.M. Presents B.M.A. 006 with Sebvantech


Jun 8, 2006
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After few month of separated shows Mike Noir and Sebvantech decided to unite they strenght to create new project called S.A.M. in brand new show callend B.M.A. where they will show u they connected styles....


In 006 episode You'll hear set from Sebvantech

VOTE for sebvantech :

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Because Mike is too lazy and too busy with study to record his part lol :p hehe but next week will be only my set so stay tuned :D
i won't be able to hear it today.. job... :p: but when i say "hello" and "smile" to guys i'll have it in my privat Winamp - Radiostation :p: hihihihih
hereeee weeeee goooooooo :D
01. memet - yoko (haris remix) [underground lesson]
02. matt rowan & jaytech - elysium (original mix) [cd-r]
03. m.i.d.o.r. - amuse me [cd-r]
04. side dish - pressure (vezzola remix) [massive drive recordings]
05. isotope - blue bird [waterworld]
06. john 00 fleming - rasa lila (john c remix) [cd-r]
07. rafael frost - worlds (original mix) [flashover recordings]
08. leon bolier presents precursor - lyra (joop remix) [2 play records]
09. joop - the future (leon bolier remix) [high contrast]
10. michelle nicol - time(clocks) [white label]

Tracklist will be in this post becasue Seb has gone somewhere lol
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Last track is fantastic :super: aaaaaa Yeah :super: :p:
"na fajnie":cheers: