2007|01|25 DJ Revel pres. Revel's Radio Show 045


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Jun 26, 2006
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Revel`s Radio Show 045
06:00 PM CET // 05:00 PM GMT // 12:00 PM EST


>> Tracklisting:
01. The Timewriter - Reachin' Out (Dave Spoon Mix) [PlasticCity]
02. TDR - Plique (Original Mix) [PIAS] //Classic Of The Week
03. Perry O'Neil - South West Saga (Tarkan & V-Sag Mix) [ElectronicElements]
04. DJ Remy & Roland Klinkenberg - Till Ya Drop! (Original Mix) [ElectronicElements]
05. Dirty South vs. Evermore - It's Too Late (Dirty South Remix) [WarnerMusic]
06. Cirez D. - Mouseville Theme [Mouseville]
07. Cicada - The Things You Say (Dirty South Remix) [Vendetta]
08. Boom Jinx - Come Play Perfect [AnjunaDeep]
09. Markus Schulz feat. Carrie Skipper - Never Be The Same Again (Markus Schulz Coldharbour Club Mix) [Coldharbour]
10. Sebastian Sand - Strange Bends (Kyau vs. Albert Remix) [Euphonic]
11. Spiros Kaloumenos - Inside Cockpit [Primevil]
12. Sander Van Doorn - Grasshopper [CDR]

>> Mixed using Vinyl & CD >> Total Time 59:36

>> DL link: http://djrevel.net/DL/RRS_045/

C ya next week!

Your critisism is highly appreciated. So post comments... ;)
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hey Revel,I am tuned in,first 2 tracks were banging and anything else played until now is banging as well,way to go
Tuned! :)

*shakes hips at the beat*
:love: what about this one playing now....tuuuuuuuuune!!
(as this is not my ordinary style
in-fact you do not sound as usual,but damn good anyway! :biggrin:
I think many people like Boom Jinx - Come Play Perfect. Myself not too much.. :P
Markus Schulz feat. Carrie Skipper - Never Be The Same Again (Markus Schulz mix ) My favorite track of 2 weeks ago :heartbeat:
awesome set Revel and with a "bonus" that was the change of style,bravo! and I totally agree what laan said
Originally Posted by laan
Not as usual, but good as usually ;)

that's very true! ;)
Hehe. Lovely last Sander track! :love:

I have to go :( See you in a few hours.. maybe :ah: + xxx