2007|02|0 Aly & Fila - February 2007 Promo Mix Live & Exclusive Only On AfterHours.Fm


Oct 6, 2006
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Aly & Fila - February 2007 Promo Mix Live Exclusively Only On AfterHours.Fm 22:00 - 23:00 (CET)


01. Hiroyuki Oda - Rise (Original Mix)
02. Aly & Fila Pres. A & F Project - Ankh (Breath Of Life) (Amex Remix) [WorldPremier]
03. Serenade - Nova (Angel Ace 2007 Rework) [WorldPremier]
04. Daniel Kandi - Nova (Original Mix)
05. Weekend Players - Into the Sun (Mark Eteson Revival)
06. Volt - Sensation (Digital Nature Remix)
07. ID - ID
08. ID - ID
09. Haris C - Ayamonte (Haris C Bang Bang Mix) [WorldPremier]
10. Aly & Fila Pres. A & F Project - Uraeus (Original Mix)

Hey all my AH friends :) A little sad news to start with for you all, I have almost not been sleeping anything the 2 latest day's, so much to think of these times, but I hope it will be better soon, so today I'm totally devestated :( And I'm not sure I will be able to be here under the set, and listen, and update tracklist, and chat with my friends.

Really sorry for that.. But I maybe try sleep 2 - 3 hours, so hopefully I will be able to be hear anyway, If not I will be back after the weekend, just need to recover myself..

But if I will not be able to be hear tonight, that dose not mean your not gonne listen, since tonight will be a Killer set, 3 WP's ;)

So Tune in to AfterHours.Fm 22:00 - 23:00 for the best weekend starter :)

So Enjoy the set tonight, If I will not be able to be hear.. Have a great weekend :)

If I will not be able to be hear for the set, I update with full tracklist later :)

I hope I will be back for the set's tonight :)

Best & Kindest Regards Espen.
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Great show as always Fila! Thanks so much!
Aly & Fila rock :)
Christ, this set is exactly what i need to get me in the mood for tomorrow night!!! I tell you what boys, where can i buy your mix cd's cause i need one ASAP!! True uplifting trance at its very very best!!
Hiroyuki Oda-rise (original mix)

lmao... they spin leak tunes???