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2007|02|02 Galen Behr and John Hetmond @ Sentence Sessions episode 9

John Hetmond

Oct 2, 2006
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Hi !

Tonight first hour with my set - John Hetmond
and second with representant of the new age of trance producers GALEN BEHR!

Enjoy tonight show ! = ]

:hello: John Hetmond:hello:
tunned in...
Quite good beginning! I waiting for Galen. My favourite...! ;)
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Two Sweet dj's. One show. This is sentence sessions! :heartbeat:
hehe...thx..:itsme: I'll be here from now. Super shows..Now let's hear Galen Behr's set
well done guys, you got the new record!
hehehe...i made the difference...somebody give me the biiig prize :p
always good to see new people here Anjuna :)

the prize is.....great tunes!
ok ok...i'll take it..gimme that.....it's a fair prize
nice set so far and btw sweeet new ah logo :)