2007|02|09 Abstraction Records pres. Natural Trance vol. 12 with DJ Eric FLash

I believe I have heard also that gem of tune that's Arisen earlier:love:
btw great show I am tuned in
Hypnotic State - Evolve
Arksun - Arisen (Hypnotic State Remix)
Renov8 pres. Tricker - Essence of Life (Renov8 Remix)
Renov8 - Frozen Destiny
Renov8 - Electrified Passion
Renov8 pres. Tricker - Essence of Life
Hypnotic State - Sunsweep (Eric Flash Remix)
Hypnotic State - Sunrise

Dan thx))
Damn! Missed it Eric, looks sweet though. Was this 012 or 011? I can't find a thread for 011 here?