2007|02|24 Ian Holing - Mind Trance 005 ( Guest: Volt )


May 29, 2006
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Hello people!
Today we have a great program.. I've select choons from the best trance tracks that I have this month. New upcoming tracks from Serenade, St Rush, Nitrous Oxide, Volt, Manuel Le saux, me and many more!

And our special guest is Dj Volt New owner of one show on afterhours called voltography and great dj too!

Today is the fifth episode of my show on afterhours!

some info at:

Ian Holing tracklist were updated in realtime:

*01 Francis Blaid - Mystery (Original Mix) [Active Recordings]
*02 Soeren S - Summer Rain (Original Mix) [RealMusic]
*03 Steve Allen & Ian Holing - Control It (Original Vocal mix) [CD-R] [EXCLUSIVE!]
*04 D-Wave - Let It Shine (Original Mix) [CD-R] [EXCLUSIVE!]
*05 Amex vs Saint Rush - Distant Worlds (Original Mix) [Banshee]
*06 Him - The Sacrament (Serenade Add Rhythm Mix) [CDR] [EXCLUSIVE!]
*07 Dopy vs Ian Holing - Resilient (Original Mix) [Diverted]
*08 Volt - Sensation (Digital Nature Remix) [RealMusic] [TRACK OF THE MONTH!]
*09 D-Mark - That's Cool (Original Mix) [Dance Department]
*10 Nitrous Oxide - Salida Del Sol (Original Mix) [CDR]

And today our special guest is... Dj Volt

Dj Volt tracklist:

1. Aurosonic – Solar breath (Original mix)
2. Dopy Vs. Ian Holing - Resilient
3. Cold blue & Del Mar – Seven ways
4. Volt – No limits (Original mix)
5. DT8 Project – Hold me till the end (Aly and Fila remix)
6. Aly & Fila Pres. A & F Project - Uraeus (Volt remix)
7. Ian Betts and Nick Rowland – State of becoming (Ian Betts mix)
8. Sophie Sugar – Fallen too far (Original mix)
9. Volt – Sensation (Digital Nature remix)

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