2007|02|27 Hawk pres The Natural Selections 007


Sep 11, 2006
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Hawk presents The Natural Selections 007



The EDM can be full of suprises, but who is this particular DJ/Producer that many people are referring to - who is the guy behind all the tracks and remixes that have are being hammered by DJs such as Above & Beyond, Markus Schulz, Blank & Jones, Armin van Buuren, and on numerous radio shows? Of course you would've known by now, it's Hawk! Hawk is actually named Håkon Lofthus, and was born in Gjøvik, Norway in 1985, and he has discovered music at a very young age. As a 7 year old, he already started playing the guitar, but over the years the guitar has been replaced with computers and synths; which therefore, Hawk made his history!

As a 20 year old Hawk is now signed to the major label Anjunadeep, as well as AVA Recordings, Enhanced, Realmusic Recordings and Active Recordings. His music has touched a lot of EDM fans all over the world because of his young age. He has already 6 years of experience as a DJ from small clubs to bigger parties. He has arranged some of the most successful parties in Norway, which easily had numerous radio residencies and are now quickly getting a name in the international scene as well! Keep looking out for Hawk, there are many new releases coming out, gigs, and other notoriousity that will be revealed in the near future! Whether you've bought the records, the albums, seen the live act, DJ performances, or purely heard the name on the the scene, you can be sure you're going to see much more from "Hawk" or "HKN"in the near future!

01. Winkee - Will I (Discover Love)
02. Boom Jinx - Remember September (Original Mix)
03. Latigidi - It´s Time (Antidotes Elektrified Mix)
04. Daniel Kandi - Nova (Daniel Kandi & Kris O´Neil Remix)
05. Vardran - Ligthform (Sassot Remix)
06. Mind One - Hurt Of Intention (Ferry Mix)
07. A98 - Solar Wind
08. Joze Gonzales - Crosses (Sam Ho Remake)
09. Whirlpool - Under The Sun (Solar Stone Remix)
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i'll be here for this one :love:

Will be tuned in for sure =]
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Here we go :)

lovely sounding beginning
Hello Hawk my Nordic neighbour - Hello from Denmark!
What a great start!
04. Daniel Kandi - Nova (Daniel Kandi & Kris O´Neil Remix) :)

Very cool track :smile:
05. Vardran - Lightform (Sassot Remix)

typo Hawk :)