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22-01-2007 Peteerson - Trance Up Your Life 006


Resident DJ
Jul 28, 2006
Reaction score

Moved 1 hour so +1 on every timezone

EST 11:00-12:00

GMT 16:00-17:00

CET 17:00-18:00


01 BCML - Mr Horowitz (Way Out West remix)[Secret Planet]
02 Snow Patrol - Open Your Eyes (Allende Remix)[CDR]
03 Sunlounger - White Sand [Original Mix)[Armind]
04 Rico Soarez & Andrew Bennett - Light Of Hope (Jody Wisternoff Remix)[Electronic Elements]
05 EnMass - CQ (Randy Boyer & Kristina Sky 2007 remix)[ASOT]
06 Black Pearl - Bounty Island (Original Mix)[ASOT]
07 Hydragen - Creature Of Habit (Original Mix)[5AM]
08 Armin Van Buuren Vs. Rank 1 – This World Is Watching Me (Cosmic Gate Remix)[Armind]
09 Leon Bolier Pres. Surpresa - Flower Fountain [ASOT]
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Looks like it's been moved for 1 hour without my knowledge! Maybe i missed some info..
I'm not able to be here between 18:00-19:00 CET so i hope u guys will enjoy it with out me :p

Tracklist will be posted sometime after the show.
seems to be an hour late yeah doh