25-07-2007 Thrillseekers VONYC and Exclusive Mix @ Afterhours.FM July


May 30, 2006
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Thrillseekers @ Afterhours.FM July​


Today Afterhours.FM presents a special double dose of Thrillseekers for your listening pleasure!

First, a one-hour Thrillseekers VONYC Mix at 4PM EST/10PM CET, followed later by an Exclusive 30 Minute Mix at 6PM EST/12AM CET just for Afterhours.FM!

VONYC Tracklist (4PM EST/10PM CET):

01 - The Thrillseekers 'Waiting Here For You' Breakfast Remix
02 - Lange 'Angel Falls'
03 - Sander Van Doorn 'Riff'
04 - Mike Koglin vs NRG Dai - 'Reloaded'
05 - Alex Bartlett - Touch the Sun (Duende Dub)
06 - Paul van Dyk 'White Lies'
07 - Oliver Smith 'Nimbus'
08 - Ronski Speed + Stoneface & Terminal - 'Soulseeke' Dub
09 - Simon Patterson 'Bulldozer'
10 - BK + Ali Wilson - 'London Riots'

30m Exclusive Tracklist (6PM EST/12AM CET):

01 - The Thrillseekers 'Waiting Here For You' (Breakfast Club mix)
02 - Lange 'Angel Falls'
03 - Sander Van Doorn 'Riff'
04 - Oliver Smith 'Nimbus'
05 - Simon Patterson 'Bulldozer'

As always, comments are encouraged!
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Waiting here for thrillseekers ^^
Just tuned in!!
is Waiting Here For You the first track???

this Breakfast remix is the best, for sure!!!
Sander Van Doorn - Riff
ommgggg first time ive heard thatttt!!!!!!!!!!! :super: :super:

Eheh, I knew it, I love Sander Van Doorn, particular style and he mixes all kinds of trance, electro in a set...
Mike Koglin vs. Energy Dai - Reloaded