25-07-2008 B.E.N. - Dot.DJ Radio 008 Summer Selections Special

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Jul 27, 2007
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Tonight... A 'Dot.DJ Summer Selections' special featuring 7 guest DJ's presenting their biggest tracks of the summer + some very big Summer exclusives!


01. B.E.N. & Mr. Pit vs. Sia - The Girl You Lost To More Manners (B.E.N. vs. XiJaro Bootleg) CD-R

The Digital Over's 'Dot.DJ Summer Selection'

02. Taylork - Osaka (The Digital Over Remix) Green Martian

Sied van Riel's 'Dot.DJ Summer Selection'

03. Sied van Riel - Rush (Original Mix) Songbird

Airbase's 'Dot.DJ Summer Selection'

04. Offkey - Showdown (Original Mix) Flashover Recordings

The Thrillseekers' 'Dot.DJ Summer Selection'

05. The Thrillseekers feat. Fisher - The Last Time (Duderstadt Radio Edit) Adjusted Music

Vast Vision's 'Dot.DJ Summer Selection'

06. Mungo - Under The Sea (Original Mix) A State Of Trance

... back with B.E.N.

07. Haris C - Talk To My Eyes (Original Mix) Total Digital Recordings / 405 Recordings

Mark Sixma (aka. M6)'s 'Dot.DJ Summer Selection'

08. B.E.N. & Mr. Pit - Meteorical (Mark Sixma Remix) Mainframe Recordings / 405 Recordings (World Exclusive)

Mark Sherry's 'Dot.DJ Summer Selection'

09. Mark Sherry - A Star Within A Star (Mark Sherry's 'Trance Energy' Mix) High Contrast Nu breed

B.E.N.'s 'Dot.DJ Summer Selection'

10. Ercola feat. Daniella - Every Word (Wendel Kos' 'First Sunlight' Dub Mix) Drop It
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I'm here and ready for another episode!

Is it gonna be longer that usually?
Oh my God, my dream has come true, I'll finally hear this mashup! :)
Hello B.E.N., Fynjy :)
Tuned In :music:
Chooned in:wave:
So, did I get it right that "7 guest DJ's presenting their biggest tracks of the summer" means that not B.E.N. chose the tracks for the mix, but these DJs offered their tracks to B.E.N.?
Lol, one track slowing down and then another one starting - that was nice :)
hello All, Hello B.E.N, any hard rough tunes coming?
Some really nice uplifting trance... That's what I like... :mml:
Oh yes, M6 did a great remix... As well as Arnej. Meteorical is gonna be one of the biggest releases of this summer for me!
And "A Star Within A Star" is one of my favorites in the first half a year... Definitely a great episode today, B.E.N. :grinning: