25-08-2013 Phil Taylor - Mindcrime 022

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Jul 27, 2007
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Phil Taylor
Phil Taylor
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Real Name: Phil Taylor

Genres: Psy / Techno / Trance
Profile: DJ, Producer and Remixer


01. Sean Tyas & RAM - Beat Boutique (Sean Tyas Remix) [AVA]
02. Sandeagle - The Battle (Ear-Gasmic 2013 Anthem) (MilamDo Banging Remix) [Beyond The Stars]
03. Robbie Van Doe - Devil's Night [Mental Asylum]
04. Robbie Van Doe - Judgement (Original Mix) [Mental Asylum]
05. Chris Voro & Victims - X-Rated (Liam Wilson & The Technicians Remix) [Aria Knights]
06. Phil Parry - Venomous (Original Mix) [Pharmacy]
07. Bowdidge & Taylor - Sidewinder [Monster Digital]
08. Simon Patterson & Blazer - Contraband (Simon Patterson Mix) [Perfecto Fluoro]
09. Amir Hussain - Catharsis [Monster Digital]
10. John Askew - How Can I Put This (Liam Wilson & James Rigby Remix) [Discover]
11. Tangle - Mirage (Original Mix) [Edge EDM]
12. John O'Callaghan feat. Josie - Out Of Nowhere (Jordan Suckley Remix) [Armada]
13. Felix Pot pres. Van Ziel - Side World (Daniel Skyver Remix) [Fraction Records]
14. Sneijder & Mark Leanings - Now Or Never (Original Mix) [Kearnage]
15. Arctic Moon & Paul Webster - Valhalla (Adam Ellis Remix) [Future Sound Of Egypt]


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Phil Taylor said:
Mindcrime 022 will go live on Afterhours.FM TODAY at 5pm UK time. A full hour of 140+ tech trance. Tunes from Robbie Van Doe, John Askew [remixed by Liam Wilson & James Rigby], Sean Tyas, Sneijder [& Mark Leanings], Simon Patterson, Liam Wilson and many others. BE WARNED... NOT FOR FAIRIES!

I know I'm not the only one expecting it. No bull******** about is Phil. Do Not miss this. :grinning2:
01. Sean Tyas, Ram - Beat Boutique (Sean Tyas Remix) [AVA] Hello people. Great to play a decent Sean Tyas tune again :)
02. Sandeagle - The Battle (MilamDo Banging Remix) [Beyond The Stars]
And because it's just about time to mention it, the review of that track from our partners at Trancefix :book:

Andy Moor's AVA Recordings has been in a really good shape this year with solid productions like: Andy Moor - I Be, Faruk Sabanci Feat. Josie - Awaken and Aly WilsonNyx, just to name a few.
AVA's number 75 release will be a collaboration between the Swiss-based American Sean Tyas and the Dutch producer RAM called 'Beat Boutique' and be sure it won't defraud, specially to the followers of the label.
The release is compound of three mixes: Original, Club and Sean Tyas Mix. Each track has a different sound signature so in this release all lovers of different Trance sounds will find a version they may actually like. Those who like a more melodical and calm sort of Trance have the Original Mix and the Club Mix, and those who like Uplifting and the more energetic stuff have Sean Tyas Remix.

Original Mix:
The Original mix is the most bland track of the release in my opinion, it's a 130 BPM typically AVA-sounding track containing and electro-ish bass followed by a series of vocal chops in the build up and the typical Trance synth used in modern Trance music.

Club Mix:
The Club Mix also respects the 130 BPM speed of the Original mix but it changes the electro-ish bass for more clubby sounds that surely sound very well in more than one dancefloor, the vocal chops remain the same from the Original mix and in the breakdown we can found Ram synths combined with Sean Tyas typical piano synths.

Sean Tyas Mix:
Sean Tyas Mix is in my opinion the stronger track of the pack. With a banging 140 BPM speed and filled with Uplifting Trance characteristics, like rolls all over the bassline and the hard kicks in the breakdown followed by the typical metallic-synth, make the most interesting version of the track.
I still think if we bare in mind Sean Tyas potential and Sean Tyas recent amazing job on Full Tilt and Bryan Kearney - Unlimited Dreams, we can sort of excpect more from him.

To summarize, it is a nice release that surely we will be listening in all radioshows, podcasts and livesets in the next weeks. I would have personally liked to see more of Ram and Sean Tyas charcateristic sounds involved in the track and not to have employed so many generic sounds.

All in all, i'll give the track a 6.5/10.


Even though the Club Mix I look at is pretty much slower version of the Sean Tyas Mix, clearly the Tyas Mix is the better of the 3
03. Robbie Van Doe - Devil's Night (Original Mix) [Mental Asylum]
05. Chris Voro & Victims - X-Rated (Liam Wilson & The Technicians Remix) [Aria Knights]
And the event page for nu-depth Recordings Day on Thursday, which Robbie Van Doe will be partaking in, has been updated! https://www.facebook.com/events/222063514615859/ \o/\o/\o/\o/\o/

I couldn't do it myself honestly. Needed Danny to do it with the freeze-and-crash problems my laptop's dealing with, and as Danny himself I also made organizer for the page.