26-05-2007 Ian Holing - Mind Trance 008 With Aly & Fila and a Present!


May 29, 2006
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Hello people!
Today we have a lot of surprises.. lot of promos like I accustom normally, lot of super choons nice remixes, new tracks from Filo & Peri, Aurosonic, Carl B, Saint rush, etc. And a pair of the bests Djs And producers ever! Aly & Fila in the guestmix

But we have more things to celebrate, today will be the first program where I talk in live and today is the date where I begin to sell my first album called "Essence of Myself" through my website http://www.ianholing.com/ which is new too.

The 15% of the incoming of this album will be sended to an ONG where I am signed.

And to celebrate all this things I will make a pair of presents. First of all I will present one pack of my album "Essence of Myself" in a lottery which I will made at the end of the program with the numbers you got posting in this thread.

The rules are easy to understand each post is a new number and a new oportunity to win, at the end of the program I will go to http://www.random.org/integers/ and make the lottery with this web. The winner will got a post with the link of his present in his profile. So.. if you are not registered yet into afterhours.fm DO IT NOW! AND POST A LOT!

The second gift is a track which I want to share with all of you, one of my bests tracks maybe, and the opening track of my album. Ian Holing - Blue Wave

So all people will win today something! ;)

And our special guest Aly & Fila the best couple of producers and Djs atm!

Today is the eighth episode of my show on afterhours, enjoy it!

some info at:

Ian Holing tracklist were updated in realtime:

*00 Mind Trance Intro
*01 Avenger - Hyperdrive Intro (Original) [CD-R] [EXCLUSIVE!]
*02 Ian Holing feat Stella Grant - Wild Life (Original Mix) [CD-R] [EXCLUSIVE!]
*03 Steve Allen & Northern Project - Salvation (Saint Rush Remix) [Diverted]
*04 Hawk Feat Sasja - Emerald Mine (Original_Mix) [Real Music]
*05 Oliver Carr feat Di - After Midnight (Ian Holing Remix) [Diverted] [EXCLUSIVE!]
*06 Lost Universe - Beyond Sunset (Original Mix) [CD-R]
*07 Filo And Peri Feat. Eric Lumiere - Anthem (John O'Callaghan Remix) [Vandit]
*08 Amex vs Saint Rush - Distant Worlds (Distant Worlds - Carl B Remix) [Banshee]
*09 ATB - Desperade Religion (Aurosonic remix) [CD-R] [TRACK OF THE MONTH!]
*10 Yans - For Magdi With Love (DjTommyboy Rework) [CD-R]

And today our special guest Aly & Fila

*01 Deems-tears of hope (Aly & Fila intro mix) [Discover]
*02 Syna-do you feel (original mix) [Finity]
*03 Gutto Putti-roma (Danilo Ercole dub mix) [CD-R]
*04 Matt Abott & Chris Chambers-never after (Aly & Fila remix) [Alter Ego]
*05 Vast Vision-summer blush (original mix) [CD-R]
*06 Amadeus VS Aly & Fila-a dream of peace (original mix) [Discover]
*07 Unknown - untitled [CD-R]
*08 Majera-velvet sun (Aly & Fila remix) [Deep Blue]
*09 Spirit & Dave-emotion (original mix) [Emotive Sounds]

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:ah: MASSIVE SHOW'S is coming up from La Majorque top producer !!
nice idea Ian :)
Wow nice aly and fila guest will he be here... Still have to burn your album to listen. I will soon. Cheers!
Ingenious idea Ian! :)

Looking forward this one for sure matey!
Wow, very nice idea ; I will be tune of course, like a lot of ppl I think ^^
And thank you for present :D
very nice idea Ian :) I love you show its just :ohmy:
Wish I could make it today Ian - I love your show too...work is a bit too much this week though...can't leave the headphones on...:p:p

Perhaps in a replay...
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10 minutes remaining ???
Yep I'm ready :D but I'll leave at 20h45 (CET) because I'll watch Standard - FC Bruges (belgian cup :D)
Here we go !! The intro start :D