27-05-2007 Aafik presents BaltiConceptions 044


Jun 12, 2006
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Episode 044


1) Matthew Adams - No More, Anymore! (Elusive Remix) [Toes In The Sand]
2) Bitfiend - Alone With The Satellites [Polytechnic]
3) Sunlight Project - Sound Of Tears (Faces Remix) [SoundTribe]
4) Envotion - Down There (Original Mix) [Deep]
5) Retrobyte - Deconstruction (Original Mix) [Dumb]
6) Junkie XL - Dark Territory (Mark Nickels If I Were Steve McQueen Mix) [E.A.R.S. EA]
7) Prax Paris - Running Up That Hill (Vocal Club Mix) [Royal Flush]
8) Turbofunk - Gotta Move (Fonzerelli Remix) [Data/Phonetic]
9) Plastic Beats - Inner Space (Original Mix) [The Clubbers]
10) Winkee - Will I "Discover Love" (Original Mix) [Bonzai Fiesta]

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:hello: not much to say i guess, summerish sounds coming in today...enjoy:lollypop:
1) Matthew Adams - No More, Anymore! (Elusive Remix) [Toes In The Sand]

one of my fav tracks of the moment :)

same here, another masterpiece by mr Adams :love: thanks for tuning

edit: good luck with your studies:thumbup:
thank you both 4 your kind words:lollypop:

enjoy this new beauty by Retrobyte:love:
great show.. Really nice selection of songs.. Brings the summerfeeling to me :)

Catch my show afterwords to speed up abit ;)
talking about summer sounds then here they are...thanks a lot once again to everyone for tuning & typing:hello:

btw i'm having some connection problems due to the thunderstorm which seems to be exactly above my area at the moment....:(
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oh a fonzerelli remix of gotta move that was :) i was wondering whose remix that was :) i discovered that air bureau remix in your show too and became one of my favs afterwards :)

Loved the Prax Paris track too!

now hearing the last track , sounds good so far!

anyway, sweet set mate, you never disappoint me :)
that's all for this time, BaltiConceptions meets you again in 2 weeks due to a massive Afterhours.FM 1 year celebration next week...don't miss it coz no1 EDM station needs your support.

i'm sorry Superior that i can't listen your show today, but well we've a nice torrent site so this not should be a prob to grab it + enjoy it later. Have a great one:lollypop:

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no problem mate.. Wicked sweet set.. Looking forward to the next one already :D