28-07-2007 Tenthu - Moscow Nights 009 with Patrick Markus guestmix


May 30, 2006
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Tenthu Presents Moscow Nights


Note: thread created during set replay.
We had Albert Vorne - Formentera What (Gareth Emery Remix) before this, and now we have some super-familiar track whose name escapes me.

Lots of vocals "I only"...
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sounds good :super:
This was a super good set! Heard nearly the whole thing, including the guestmix. Way to go Tenthu and Patrick Markus. :thumbsup:
Anyone know the track listing of the set? I'm dying to know what I think was the third song in the set. I must have that song!
Heya! Sorry i was away since 25th of July till now. here are playlists:

Tenthu mix:

01. Tenthu - Zair (Tenthu & Martin Pritchett's Alternative mix)
02. Carl B - Social Suicide (Original mix)
03. Orjan - Prison Break (Original mix)
04. Vision84 - Highway Central (Nitrous Oxide remix)
05. Highabove & Bluewings - Neken
06. Simon Patterson - F16 (Mac & Mac remix)
07. Re:Locate vs. Cliff Coenraad - We Feel (Re:Locate mix)
08. Lost Witness vs. Sassot - Whatever (Aly & Fila remix)
09. Lokhen - Northern Winds (Sequentia mix)

Patrick Markus mix:

01. Cara Dillion Vs. 2 Devine – Black is the Colour (Coco & Green remix)
02. Kyau & albert Vs. Marc Marberg – Megashira
03. Patrick Markus – Liftoff
04. Albert Vorne – Formentera What? (Gareth Emery remix)
05. Alex Barlett – Touch the Sun (Duende Dub remix)
06. Dave 202 – Torrent (Leon Bolier remix)
07. Matt Abbott Vs. D.S.E. – Far from Home (Patrick Markus remix)
08. Re:Locate Vs. Cliff Coenraad – We Feel (Re:Locate remix)
09. Patrick Markus – Square 39
10. Affective – Aromesentials

For more info:


i repeated "We Feel" by mistake, i apologise :) Hope you liked the show guys!