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2nd Phase - Never Come Down (Inc. Norin & Rad Remix) [Fraction]


May 18, 2011
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1. Original Mix [sample]
2. Norin & Rad Remix [sample]

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Scottish based trance duo 2nd Phase are fast becoming hot property on the trance scene with productions and remixes spanning the entire A-list DJ circuit, and with recent bombs including the monsterous 'Highjacker', 'I Can't Remember', and remixes including Mike Koglins 'Enjoy The Silence', it is safe to say Stuart & Gary have hit the ground running from the outset!

'Never Come Down' continues the big room theme from previous releases, with the boys trademark driving percussion and floor pounding kick drums underpinning the track, while the low slung basslines groove perfectly with the stabbed synth patterns and droplets of top line melodies. The track fully unfurls for the breakdown, with lush pads and delicious chord changes on full show once again before winding up into the monster drop-in ensuring complete crowd satisfaction!

Norin & Rad are on hand for remix duties, and what a remix! Clever use of the melodies, combined with twisted synths and rasping, cone-blowing basses provide the perfect big room vibe while an immaculate attention to detail on percussion and atmospherics really make this production stand out from the crowd!

2 absolutely huge mixes to choose from!

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