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4 Seasons Records from Russia...


Aug 20, 2008
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4 Seasons is a record label which was formed in 2007 by dj and producer Remot. The main aim of the label is to support talented musicians not only from Russia but from the near abroad and foreign countries. We are interested in such genres of music as uplifting trance, progressive trance, ambient, chill out and house (not hard or minimal) but there are some exceptions to the rules and if you consider your track to be listened just send it to us.

MySpace.com - 4 Seasons Records - Krasnodar, RU - Trance / Progressive / Ambient - www.myspace.com/4seasonsrecords

send your originals here demo@4seasonsmusic.ru
I'm nearly Russian...I was a shop-steward once . Will give these a whirl .
new release

1. DJ Scwear - Cosmic Light (Original mix)
2. DJ Scwear - Cosmic Light (Second Way remix)
3. DJ Scwear - Cosmic Light (Sasha GODzPLAY remix)
4. DJ Scwear - Cosmic Light (Smokeless Soul remix)

Date 09.05.2009


1. DJ Max A & Max Freegrant - Abstract Love
2. DJ Max A & Max Freegrant - Touch of spring
3. DJ Max A & Max Freegrant - Touch of spring (Progressiver Brutal Dub)

Date 23.05.2009


samples in Audiojelly

4 Seasons Records

1. The Dreamline - Plastic emotion (intro mix)
2. The Dreamline - Searching for maple puma (original mix)

Date 04.06.2009

Beatport Exclusive
New release incl. free download

FSRD 034 Light Effect - Twisted Toy

1. Light Effect - Twisted Toy

2. Light Effect - Twisted Toy (Ivan Litus remix)

3. Light Effect - Twisted Toy (Air-T remix remix)

4. Light Effect - Twisted Toy (Remot remix) Free Download (go to website 4 Seasons Records)

Date 09.07.2009

one of my best labels in 2009 ! Especially progressive releases !

I am supporting new releases from you on my radio shows as well..

keep up doing quality work guys :)
FSRD 036 Mobilize – Amazing world

1. Mobilize – Amazing World (Original Deep Mix)
2. Mobilize – Amazing World (Ivan Litus Remix)
3. Mobilize – Amazing World (The Orange For 13th Series Remix)
4. Mobilize – Amazing World (The Airstatic Remix)
5. Mobilize – Amazing World (Chance Jumpers Remix)
6. Mobilize – Amazing World (EDU pres. 5tranger Remix)

Date 12.08.2009

Release already support by: Above & Beyond, Roger Shah, DJ Feel, Eelke Kleijn and more.

1. Remot – 4 Seasons (Original mix)
2. Remot – 4 Seasons (Ivan Litus Remix
3. Remot – 4 Seasons (Mobilize Remix)
4. Remot – 4 Seasons (Dmitry Lee’o Remix)
5. Remot – 4 Seasons (JMV Chill Out Mix)
6. Remot – 4 Seasons (Rest Point Remix)

Date: 08.15.2009

Beatport Exclusive

Already Support by Matt Darey, Tenthu, Rest Point

free download here

Remot - 4 Seasons – Remot (4 Seasons)