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8 Seasons Recordings


Sep 12, 2008
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Cat#: 8SR001
Format: MP3/WAV

1. Troubled Relationship (Original Mix)
2. Troubled Relationship (Nurettin Colak Remix)

1st release is from Easton who's name I've also seen on Alter Ego Pure not to forget on Coll & Tolland's (Firestorm's) Edge Recordings some weeks ago. Troubled Relationship has got a nasty sidechained bassline, some heavy guitar influences and a trancey atmosphere. The remix from Nurettin Colak is a faster interpretation with a big break and a huge lead line.


Cat#: 8SR002
Format: MP3/WAV

1. Never Tell (Original Mix)
2. Never Tell (Austin Taiga Remix)

Vegar has paid nice attention to the percussion and it works. It has some interesting melodies and a strange vocal; strange but also appealing and it fits well in with the melodies. The remix from Austin Taiga delivers the remix and churns out a production with more minimalistic influences and a deeper feel. The vocal remains but he lifts the track up with a strong main lead which is why I think it's the best of the two!


Cat#: 8SR003
Format: MP3/WAV

1. Dreamer Again (Original Mix)
2. Dreamer Again (Abstract Vision & Elite Electronics Remix)
3. Dreamer Again (DSI Remix)
4. Dreamer Again (FRONT Remix)

I've heard the name Etnosphere before but I don't remember any tunes though. A dark and slightly groovy prog trancer with some light melodies. The Absctract Vision & Elite Electronic remix is a full-on trance uplifter. My favourite of the bunch would be the DSI remix, a nice atmospheric prog trancer which doesn't sound as ordinary as the rest of the versions. Consider FRONT has been around for some time, I'm surprised his remix isn't 'bigger'. Sorry to this but it sounds quite dire, and this is why I would recommend the DSI or the other two.


Easton - Troubled Relationship
Original Mix: YouTube - Easton - Troubled Relationship ( Original Mix )
Nurettin Colak Remix: YouTube - 8SR001 Easton - Troubled Relationship ( Nurettin Colak Remix )

Vegar - Never Tell
Original Mix: YouTube - 8SR002 Vegar - Never Tell ( Original Mix )
Austin Taiga Remix: YouTube - 8SR002 Vegar - Never Tell ( Austin Taiga Remix )

Etnosphere - Dreamer Again
Samples coming soon