"A Breach of Sound" April 2008 Mix


Apr 9, 2008
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Hi guys well the name's DJ Breach and i live in Jamaica also i'm new to the forum but not to mixing,and i've been releasing my monthly mixes on facebook for some time now, and just discovered this site which i think is great by the way, and decided to share with you all some of my work, so enjoy and as always positive feedback is always appreciated. The group page has pics and vids from past events played, so check it out, join up, invite and lets all enjoy TRANCE.
DJ Breach Out!!

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Oh and my apologies i forgot the track listing. Here it is. Enjoy.

1.Dyor - emotions (first emotion mix)
2.Hybrid - finished symphony (deadmau5 remix)
3.Maor Levi - Shapes (Oliver Smith Remix)
4.Super8 and Dj tab - needs to feel (wippenberg remix)
5.Lustral - when my satellite falls down terry bones remix
6.Luke warner & Mat lock- Deep psychosis (daniel kandi's cure mix)
7.Mark pledger vs Super8 and Tab - worldwide original mix
8.Andrelli andBblue ft hila - imagine (mike nichol remix)
9.Lost witness vs Sassot - whatever (aly & fila remix)
10.Thomas Bronzwaer - resound (sean tyas remix)