Airborne Angel - Origo [Levare Recordings] // Review


Sep 12, 2008
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8th release on the Flashover sub-label Levare Recordings comes from Gustaf Westin, a rising star from Gothenburg, Sweden. This track is already featured on Trancemaster 6003 and this would not be the first time this new talent has had a track signed to the Trancemaster series, as the track "The Unit" was featured on Trancemaster 6000 earlier this year. This package has got a remix from Airborne Angel's fellow countryman Carl B and a Dub Interpretation by UK's Will B.

Original Rework
The track cuts to the chase very quickly with upbeat trancy elements and an arpeggio as topping. The track builds up rather nicely to a beautiful breakdown that has a classical mood with some subtle piano which lifts the track. The arp used earlier sets in again, still without no bass. The track builds and after almost 2 minutes and 30 seconds the bass sets in - and this is were you go crazy on the dancefloor.

Carl B Remix
Starts out with a slightly heavier and more firm kick opposed to the original. Carl B has used some somewhat more techier elements, ie. clap and the rumbling bassline. A melody leads the track up to some gorgeous pads and then suddenly silence... The tune start building and evolves and takes one to the trancy lead which carries the track all the way.

Will B Dub Interpretation
Something fresh and new from Will Brookes. The tune oses of tech trance from the start. I'm only 1 minute and 30 seconds into the tune now, and already I'm really excited about the well-placed effects and tweaks and the dark, big room sounding melody that Will has created. The tune moves towards a break where you hear hints of the original melody. That melody quickly fades and the tech theme comes into play once more.

This is a single that tops most of the other releases on Levare. A "well done" to the producers behind each mix and of course Levare. I have to say that the Will B mix stands out for me. The combination of bass, bassline and dark melody is just perfect. I would really love to hear it on a huge sound system.

Releasedate: December 2008

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