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Andy Moor -- Fake Awake

Jason Packulak

Jun 3, 2008
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I had the pleasure of seeing Andy Moor last month here in Winnipeg, Canada. By far, one of the best shows of the year. :grinning:

I was lucky enough to recognize almost every choon that he dropped except 'Fake Awake', after the show, I asked him what that new choon was and he said it was one of his new tracks not yet released.

It has been cained by Schulz, AVB, and even made an appearance on Ferry Corstens Countdown. If you haven't heard it, its time to come out of your cave!
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Heard it on TATW first, definetly one of the best tracks that he's released :) Love it :)
Pretty boring compared to his other releases.. Nothing special.
Pretty boring compared to his other releases.. Nothing special.

Exactly 0 if you compare it to all his other productions this one is pretty boring..
his other productions are much much much much more solid - this one is just a catcher on the dancefloor :mask:
Loved it, not anymore though. It's getting totally overplayed.
ok song ive heard it before i was expecting something different lol but good song