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[ARMAB020A] - Philip Row/Filip Xavi/Tesk/Hadji - Pulsar A127

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Aug 16, 2009
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Pulsars are highly magnetized, rotating neutron stars that emit a beam of electromagnetic radiation. The observed periods of their pulses range from 1.4 milliseconds to 8.5 seconds. The radiation can only be observed when the beam of emission is pointing towards the Earth. This is called the lighthouse effect and gives rise to the pulsed nature that gives pulsars their name. Because neutron stars are very dense objects, the rotation period and thus the interval between observed pulses is very regular.

[ARMAB020A] - Philip Row/Filip Xavi/Tesk/Hadji - Pulsar A127

01 Philip Row - Toyler
02 DJ MITA - Behind The Curtains
03 Filip Xavi - Protocol
04 Tesk - Pletenica
05 Hadji - Ugljik

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