Armin Only-Imagine DVD

I definatly will.

Where can it be pre-ordered?
I'm in Australia. I dunno when it'll be available here. I was hoping to order it from overseas and get it sent to me.

When the Armin Only 2006 DVD came out - Australia recieved a different version to the one in Europe. Australia was a 2 DVD set, whereas the one in Europe was 4 DVD's, or 2 DVD's and 2 CD's.

Also the Australian one had different editing, the European version was SOOOOOO much better.

Why they did this I don't know.
Ooh, might be a nice birthday present from someone.

Let's see if I can get someone to spend the money on it for me :P

And if I don't get it for my bday.. I'll just buy it myself, any idea on pricing yet, btw?
Off to bed now... then out and straight to the music store to buy the DVD :super: Been 3 months already since Armin Only '08:music:
nice previews .. thx dreamenstion !

cant wait for the DVD .. ! =)

I was there :super:
It was so cool, I got to speak to armin and eller, there were only 200 people invited and we saw a preview from the dvd, got to take the dvd and a cd (for free) home. :grinning:
I also got them signed ^_^

It was awesome to re-experience the Armin Only night! I had goosebumps all night :)

I wrote a report but its in dutch, for the dutchies if ur interested: _Imagine/unMb/

Some pictures: