Armin Van Buuren - If You Should Go


Oct 30, 2007
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I love it. And the Aly & Fila Remix. :choon:
yes! lovely track indeed :D

Aly & Fila all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
I love the original mix of this tune :mml:

But JOC and Aly & Fila mixes are very nice too. :music:

I score this track a 8.5/10 :book:
7/10 Good track,it's bound to be over played because it Armin's

JOC remix imo
I like this track ,vocal is beautiful :) Armin is the best dj's ,pozdro for all
For some reason, not big fan of this song, vocals annoy me for some reason.....
I think its one of the WORST vocals of the century...when Armin Played it back @ Armin only I wished I had ear plugs ... There is nothing in it plus her voice sounds as if she is a shouting old lady...
Really do not appreciate this tune
I'm bored of these vocals :P
she has a very strong voice and i love the remixxx!!