Astrosessions 006


May 25, 2006
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Today is the premier of Astrosessions on I hope you guys enjoy it, I start out with some smooth progressive, then to uplifting trance, and finish off with a tech-trance monster.

Astrosessions will air @ 4pm-5pm PST

I will post the tracklist as it airs live here:

1. SQD - The Inversed Puma [Anjuadeep]
2. Deep Skies - Little Bird (Mike Koglin's Deep Dub) [Maelstorm]
3. Hydroid - Greek Trick (Original Mix) [Enhanced]
4. Storyteller - Polar White (Original Mix) [Toes in the Sand]
5. Kobbe & Austin Leeds - Fusing Love (Original Mix) [Hamachi]
6. E.A.T. Project - Sunscape (Cressida Mix) [Waterworld]
7. Aalto - Five (Original mix) [Anjunabeats]
8. Jussi Polet - Metropolis Ride [Deep Blue Digital]
9. Smith and Pledger - Black [Anjunabeats] [Tune of the week]
10. Above and Beyond - Can't Sleep (Maori Mix) [Anjunabeats]

Hope you enjoyed the mix. Download link tommorrow for all of you who missed it. And of course probably on replay in, so keep on listening to this great station!

See you at 4pm! ;)
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this is on in 1.5 hours w00t... cant wait !! :)
everyone tune in
yay, I'm glad you guys are ready! ^_^
It's started! weee... haha.
Hey, thanks for tuning! ^_____^
The inversed Puma, genius progressive song if you ask me. Turning Sunny Lax's Puma into a slower chilled masterpiece.
Aalto - Five! Banging tune. Gotta love the baseline on it.
Gonna go 2 bed now.. keep the set banging so I can dream about really nice stuff :P

have a good one all
just tuned, sounding nice :-)
Good night! Thanks for tuning in up til now =]
magik said:
just tuned, sounding nice :-)

Near the end, but you haven't missed my tune of the week ;)
cool, the tech trance monster perhaps hehe
Tune of the week! Smith and Pledger - Black, brilliant track!
i agree, played white in my set yesterday, also a great one!
Yep white is a monster too. I really like what smith and pledger have been putting out lately.
also played this, maori mix is awesome.....goes a little quiet during ur mix phase ive noticed
Yes, I noticed that now too =[ My last two transitions weren't exactly as great as I had hoped. Only room for improvement in next session =]