Avernus pres. Arteca - Empathy (incl. Svärd Remix) [Blue Soho]


Feb 1, 2010
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Out as Audiojelly Exclusive : Empathy | Avernus pres. Arteca | Blue Soho Recordings | Single | Download | Audiojelly.com

Release Details:
Avernus pres. Arteca
Empathy (incl Club, Kim Svard, Outwalkers d Sun State's Dark Age and Lunatic Inc's additional remix)
Blue Soho Recordings (BLS028)
Relaese Date :

11/11/2010 as Audiojelly Exclusive
25/11/2010 Official Release Date.

With the fabulous Horizonte by SoundLift playlisted as Future Favourite on A State Of Trance, we at Blue Soho have solidified the fact that
uplifting trance is still here to stay. Today, we reinforce this statement with another amazing uplifter, this time from Avernus,
who will work under Arteca for a true hands-in-the-air moment!

Avernus presents Arteca with Empathy, an amazing track full of pure emotion. A gentle guitar riff kicks off the track before the enchanting female vocals take over. A lush progression keeps things flowing as the track quickly becomes more and more intense. By the time the climax has hit, you are well and truly hooked.

The Club mix of the original retains the beauty of the original but enhances the kick and basslines for a more dancefloor-friendly

The Kim Svard remix takes the track on a much more progressive route. Designed with the club in mind, the track keeps what's best from the original and kicks things up a notch in the bass and percussion. The breakdown is simply breath-taking, before the massive beat kicks the track back into action.

Outwalkers return to the uplifting sound with a great take on the original. Piano is the key player this time around, as well as a huge pads and strings section.

Sun State finishes off the package with another uplifter, but with a much more original sound selection, most notably the lead section and backing pads. As the title suggests, this is a track truly reminiscent of days gone. The track goes completely unique in the break where an almost medieval organ kicks in, before the cinematic sounds roll back into a thunderous climax.

Supported By : Airbase, Angel Ace, Anna-Lee, Arctic Moon, Cesar, Club Nation, Dash Berlin, Dimension, Distant Identity, DJ Ange, Ernesto & Bastian Estigma, Estiva, G.Ottavianni, Hillander, Ilgaz , John O'Bir, Lazarus, Magik, Manuel Le Saux, Matamar DJS, Matt Trigle, MIKE, Mike Shiver, Mr.Sam, Ozzyxpm, Peter Patterson, Phil Metcalfe, Pizz@Dox, Robbie Schwan, Ronald De Foe, Six Senses, Space Garden, Suzy Solar, Tempo Giusto, Timo Prelle.