Azotti - The Miracle (Remixes) [Mondo Records] Out Now!


Feb 14, 2011
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1. A.w.e.r.S Remix

2. Kago Pengchi Remix

Last year Azotti sent waves through the club scene with the seminal hit ‘The Miracle’. Becoming a fond favourite with fans and the world’s elite trance jocks, we decided the legend needed to continue and we are proud to present two brand new mouth-watering mixes.

First in line is a tasty uplifting mix from A.w.e.r.S. Packed to the brim with energy and emotion, his take on the original will having you punching the air in no time! On the flip is a progressive alternative from new talent on the block Kago Pengchi, serving up a divine and inspirational production that shouts quality from start to finish.

Two big room monsters that will fit perfectly into any set or playlist!

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