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Blue Tente feat. Stine Grove - Let You Go 2010 Preview


Aug 12, 2008
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Hi there,

I've uploaded a preview of an upcoming vocal song with Stine Grove. Is the re-edit version of one of my past release. The track is "Let You Go"

You can listen a preview of it on my website, just enter, the song will start automatically :)

Blue Tente Official Website

There is also a section called contact from where u can contact me if u want to send me a message or if u have any request :)

The song will be released with Redux Recordings later on :)

Thank You,
Blue Tente
It's very nice Blue Tente
I like it very much and you know that :p
Now waiting to be done and for the release :smile:
LOL, Bravo, very nice song!
wow....now this is cool! :)