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Breakfast - Remember / After Midnight [Flashover] // Review


Sep 12, 2008
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Finally a new soloproject from Casey Keyworth. It is now roughly 2 years ago since he released a record on his own. His breakthrough hit was called "The Sunlight" and things are looking good for this new 2-tracker which has already recieved an impressive amount by all the big trance jocks. Ferry Corsten and the Flashover team presents Remember and After Midnight by Breakfast...

Remember (8:18)
He starts out with a "fall" and while the kick drum is doing its job you can sense some sparkling percussion, which sounds like some toned down hi hats. A few choirs are used but modestly. You can start to sense the melody making an entrance and when it does it builds quickly and in a somewhat aggressive way. The whole progression in the track is quite reminiscent to "The Sunlight" with a neverending melody that just keeps on going in a simple yet effective manner. The quality and strength lies in the main lead which is big, warm and catchy. The chord progression is not the most complicated but it works. There is a bit of melody twist in the main break and it could be a turn-off for some but I think it is perfect and an unexpected happening before the pay-off/climax. The melody returns in full force and there you have it, another massive Breakfast production.

After Midnight (7:58)
It is always a pleasure when a producer can deliver a single with 2 or more strong tracks without having a remixer stealing the spotlight. After Midnight might not feel as well-crafted and heavy as Remember, but no need to worry it is by no means a weak track. The melody build-up almost blew me out off my chair and the raw bassline is a spectacular addition to the track. While After Midnight is faster than Remember it does not feel as a peak time trancer. I could imagine this being a perfect track to end a set with or inject in the build up of a good tracklist. Beautiful melodies that you do not want to miss if you like Breakfast productions.

It is always nice to recieve a brand new record from Flashover in the mail. You can always count on standout sound quality and they have some outstanding talents in their stable. Breakfast has, in my eyes, delivered 3 huge club records and this is number 3 of them. I doubt that Breakfast can top his track "The Horizon" but Remember is not far from it. So close that it also deserves a 10/10. To pinpoint something that I don't like then it would have to be the kick drum in Remember; it is powerful but has a hollow sound that I am not too fond of.

Release Date: 20.04.2009

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:bow: i like so much Breakfast :grinning:
"Remember" just entered the Beatport top 100 chart!

Position @ the Beatport trance chart:
Remember #2
After Midnight #5