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Oct 13, 2006
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hey there,
first off thanks and congrats to a smooth running site and for, so far, a bufferless full fat 192 k stream for me as well. :grinning:
And for making Polar's EC look so good...

I received a mail in my regular mail account of someone requesting to be added to my buddy list.
After logging in here and investigating the matter I found more requests, unbeknown to me and maybe there for ages, which makes me look like a bit of a pratt (apologies to my new buddies). In the past the mail notification worked well and sometimes still does as it seems. Can we make it more reliable to avoid situations like these. I've cleared the cookie, having the latest flash running maybe doesn't matter but i thought I'd mention it.
What else needs doing?

if there are requests you find them when you klick your profile...normally a buddy brings no mail, but a friendship request is combined with a mail...so when you got mail its no buddy...its a frienship request

and if there are ppl you even didnt know...since the new profile starts i got a lot of them...i think a handfull of ppl just want to make frienship to everyone they think he has some "inner circle" conections...

i hate that, normally I search for my friends and dont like it when some free riders think they can be more family cause on make friendship to everyone who has a "name" or "namefull" freindlist
thanks Jay, I know exactly where you're coming from - and it's not mySpace.
that's one of the reasons i deleted my account there. do I know if i just accepted a friends request from a mass murderer, child molester or just the biggest troll of the internet?? (j/k)
Irl I have loads of mates but just a very few friends.
No, I'm gonna be selective here - btw. you wanna be my friend?? :mask::lol:

back on topic - I heard you, but thing is i also received an e-mail notifier for incoming PMs.
That doesn't happen anymore either. :confused:
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