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Can music cause anxiety?


Nov 23, 2017
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Hey guys I've searched up online if music can cause anxiety but the answer seems to be no, in fact, it can lower anxiety according to my research.

I've been listening to rock music most of my life and usually, I listen to the same songs over and over again because I'm bored. However, there have been moments where I've found a new song and loved it and am in a state of trance and bliss and I've listened to the song constantly over a few days until it gets boring as well...

Recently I've noticed that all the times I've experienced extreme anxiety I had found a new song which I began to like a few days earlier. My guess is that the music causes chemical imbalances? Due to my personal experiences, I believe music causes me anxiety but since there is no scientific evidence to support this I feel like I'm just being silly by avoiding music.