Cold Blue - Journey Home / Fever [Monster Tunes]


Sep 12, 2008
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Tobias Schuh also known as Cold Blue, is on the rise and has been exactly that for a while now. Three brilliant releases on DJ Shah's label, a nothing short of 'huge' record on the legendary In Trance We Trust, two on High Contrast and now his second record on Monster Tunes. Latest news is that he has a record forthcoming on Anjunabeats. He is very much known for his upbeat and uplifting style with grand melodies. This new record is a two-tracker which has already seen support from two of the biggest names in the industry, and that being Above & Beyond and Ferry Corsten.


Journey Home
Tobias sets off the track with a delayed hit-hat as an effect. The whole percussion setup is a mixture of a punding kick, a set of balearic drums and hi-hats. After the first phrase, an acid line sets in and is slowly being filtered in. At the beginning of the third phrase (bassline already going strong) the claps begins as well as the melody. This is where I am begging for the breakdown to start as I am missing a bit of energy or a basic deeper feel to the track. However, I am liking the warm bass which has a nice drive to it. I do appreciate his approach to things in the breakdown; the way the gentle synth with only a few notes keeps pleasing me as well as the overall padded atmosphere - a simple but very clear piano sequence is being filtered in and basicly builds the anticipation for the big payoff.

I feel that Fever diverts a tiny bit from being a standard trancer on the 'originality scale'. I just love the delayed percussive sound that rolls accross the track in the intro part. Things like that is always appreciated, as well is the soaring vocal sample which adds some life and emotion to the track. Opposed to Journey Home the main lead in this track feels somewhat stronger and addictive. While Journey Home and Fever are running at the same exact speed, Fever does feel much more like a progressive trancer - the mix overall feels a whole lot more 'spacey' in a positive way.

I think it is quite clear which mix I prefer. Overall Fever feels much more original and fresh. I have always liked the style of Cold Blue but I am not blown by this. On the other hand I am far from dissapointed as Fever delivers a good and above average trance track.

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Cold Blue
i love both :wub:
Journey Home - anther rip off of inertia - the system but i love it! lol

Fever sucks, so boring tune.. too generic!
Fever sucks, so boring tune.. too generic!

Generic like how? I'm just curious as I stated in my review, that Fever is the one that stands out cause it holds all the unique elements.

If it's just a taste thing, then I totally get it :)