Cressida - The Secret Ingredient/Laika [AEP-005]


Dec 28, 2006
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German born progressive trance act Cressida kick out their latest release in the form of this stunning EP on Alter Ego Progressive.

The first track on this release is the chilled progressive sounds of The Secret Ingredient, a warm and motivational track with an inspiring plucky melody and crisp production.

Russian producer Anton Chernikov went up tempo on his remix of The Secret Ingredient to add an edge to the release that would appeal to the more trance inspired Djs.

Complimenting this is their second track Laika. A gritty piece of music with an amazing cinematic break whipped together with some powerful rolling beats and a chunky bassline.

Release date 23-Feb-2007

alter ego progressive

Quote is taken from Here are my thoughts about this release:

1: The Secret Ingredient (Original Mix): It starts with the amazing, superb, great, typical sound of Cressida. Their unique sound it also represented in this track. The track warms up the first minute and then there is that heart-warming bass of Cressida. All of the sudden, there is an amazing melody. Also, a background sound comes in. More and more of Cressida's typical sound. Then there are minimal vocals and this makes it even better. After about 3 and a half minutes, the bass get's calmed down and the break is coming. Beat goes away and it's still a bit on the background until the four minutes have been reached. The melody fades away and the break is there! The minimal vocals return and the bass returns, along with a new sound. Break-beat style in the break and this get's combined with the minimal vocals, background souns and melody. What an amazing combination! Break-beats go away and the melody is on the background and when it comes back the beat also comes back. What an amazing sound. Incredible! This is the style which you can always expect from Cressida. The superb, warm and relaxing sound. As if you are walking on clouds. I really dig the melody and the whole package is simply great. This goes on for a couple of minutes and the minimal vocals also return. At about 7,5 minutes the track get's calmed down and it is approaching the end. A smooth outro.

In total, this track couldn't be better. A typical, superb Cressida sound. Great melody, minimal vocals are great and every sound in this track makes the track perfect. Nicely done by Cressida!

2: The Secret Ingredient (Anton Chernikov Remix): It starts decent enough but all of the sudden there is a massive beat/kick. Really don't like this and it's way too loud/hard. Minimal vocals here and there and a decent background sound. After a minute there is a short break and the track goes on with it's massive beat. Decent synth and other sounds but this track doesn't get my interest. A cool, athmospheric sound is added on the background and another background sound get's introduced. At about 3 minutes, the track approaches the break. Beat goes away and the break is there. Bass of the original is there, great background sound a melody is also there. A great melody if you ask me! Minimal vocals come back and at the same time the massive beat/kick comes back. New synth sound is there and the melody returns. It does have some potential, but the beat is annoying the rest of the track. The good part with the melody and other sounds combined is only for a short period of time and the outro starts way too soon. About two minutes worth of outro and then the end is there.

In total, don't like this production. Original is so much better and the beat is way too loud. It annoys me and the rest of the track loses it's potential because of this. Nice try though.

3: Laika (Original Mix): Intro is original with some creative sounds and after half a minute the beat is there. Not yet a typical Cressida sound, but you can hear it coming though. Some athmospheric sounds on the background. Bass is there and it creates a warm feeling to the track. There it is! The typical, amazing, superb sound by Cressida. This is the sound which I was waiting for. More background sounds have arrived and after a short while there is a short break. Great, short break and after half a minute the beat returns along with some new sounds. At about 3,5 minutes the break is arriving. Track calms down and then there is the break. Whát a break! It sounds just like an orchestra. Beautiful, divine sounds. Melody is there and there is another break-beat part in the break, just like in The Secret Ingredient. Melody get's accompanied by some great background sounds and I can't wait when the beat comes back. Melody fades away and then the bass returns along with the melody. Beat comes back and what a moment! The typical sound of Cressida comes back and along with the melody and more. What an amazing sound. Melody is awesome and I want this to never end. A superb synth get's added and the track goes on. At about 8 minutes the track approaches the outro. Short outro and then the end is there.

In total, what an amazing track! Again, the typical sound of Cressida is in this track and what a sound it is. Superb melody and this track has a perfect balance and combination with every sound. The break is simply divine. Great work by Cressida!
I really digged the melody, I actually expected something of this kind of sound from Cressida :) i give this 10/10 :thumbup: :top:
heh nice stuff from matze & roland ... aka cressida ... nice work from them most liked Laika