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Cyril Ryaz - A Small World EP [Mondo Records] OUT NOW!


Feb 14, 2011
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Cyril Ryaz is back on Mondo Records and armed with two more club destroyers which form his brand new EP.

Kicking off the EP with 'A Small World', Cyril's much loved style instantly grabs you. 'A Small World' opens with a lush progressive groove and bass line, to ease you into the break. Where there's lush, warm moments, sprinkled with those plucky chords and uplifting melodies. Cyril drops a summer scorcher here!

On the flip and ramping up the tempo, Cyril drops 'Quiet'. Certainly a track that does not live up to its name by any stretch, 'Quiet' is a heads down, no nonsense affair that will instantly ignite any setting. Thanks to a carefully crafted melody, slamming drums and epic breakdown. Huge!

1. A Small World

2. Quiet

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