D05 - Nothing Is Everything [Fuzzy Recordings]

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Jul 10, 2012
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D05 - Nothing Is Everything [FZR031]

Release Date:
Beatport: Feb 14, 2014
iTunes: Mar 14, 2014

1 D05 - Nothing Is Everything (Original Mix)
2 D05 - Time For The Past (Original Mix)
3 D05 - Intracut (Original Mix)

Nothing is Everything" contains 3 tracks - all made by D05. Groovy, Rhythmic and powerful - you can't really explain it in any other way. This EP will make the terracotta army dance. Nothing Is Everything Tribal and percussive buildup with rhythmical shakers - old school style with a rolling bass line. Nothing Is Everything is absolutely everything that you want. Once again, D05 mixes the rhythmical, groovy and melodic styles together to create his own sound of what his perception of Progressive House is. The track combines vocals to bring that un-real feeling up a notch. Time for the Past Rhythmical and percussive intro along with an electro bass line that makes you want to dance - you could not explain it any differently. Live sets will be lit up by this fantastic track that contains all the ingredients for an amazing night or listening session. Still with his trancy vibe mixed together with the groovy, electro bass line - D05 has control over your legs when you hear this track. Intracut Starting off like a bullet quitting the pipe of a gun in slow motion while the world continues on in the background in the same speed - Intracut starts off with its electro bass line and immediately sets the listener into the right mood. The melodic elements take part later as the track drives you forward while the analog electro sounds builds up. The breakdown takes entrance into the track with an arp-kind-of style to it while accompanied with blissful melody plucks in the background. Further on the track progresses once again with a buildup into a fantastic driving progressive drop. Overall, dreamy, trancy feel to the track with a groovy dance vibe to it.

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