Dan & Sam - An Interesting Dream (incl. eleven.five remix) [Silk Royal]


Aug 7, 2006
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Nearly a year ago, Dan & Sam dazzled progressive fans with their Silk Royal debut "Breaking The Illusion". Since that time, they have continued to write intelligent and deeply poignant club-oriented tracks, such as "Walls" (feat. Maxx Hennard), which won the "Push The Button" vote on Above & Beyond's "Group Therapy" radio. We're thrilled to present their third original single on Silk Royal, "An Interesting Dream", which also comes equipped with a tremendous interpretation by American sensation eleven.five.

The Original Mix kicks off with a tech-influenced groove; Dan Sieg, 1/2 of the duo, has been dabbling in deeper, darker shades of house and progressive under his solo alias in recent months. Yet, as the track approaches the main break, we start to hear the synth "swells" more associated with their more familiar, big-room sound. In the main break, we are met by a suspenseful, yet truly gorgeous main theme. The tune comes to a climax at this moment, heightened by the crescendoing percussion. The drop to follow, perhaps to the surprise of the listener, reverts back to the more subdued groove, thereby releasing the "tension" of the dream and suggesting that any potential nightmares have been averted.

The one and only remix comes from eleven.five, who not only is a good friend of Dan & Sam, but who, in similar fashion, has been gaining consistent radio play by the industry elite, especially in the past year. Known for a great versatility in his sound, he has chosen to give this one an uptempo interpretation. The track jets out of the gate with a gut-busting, electro-tinged bassline. In the background, the ominous strings start to creep into the mix. During the main break, a moving piano solo joins the symphonic instrumentation. The percussion then builds back up, ultimately leading into a roaring drop, one of eleven.five's most impactful to date.

Cat#: SILKRL054
Beatport release date: September 30th, 2013
iTunes release date: October 14th, 2013
Genre: progressive house, progressive trance
Format: digital
Stores: Beatport, iTunes, JunoDownload

Tracklist & YouTube Previews:
01 Dan & Sam - An Interesting Dream (Original Mix)
02 Dan & Sam - An Interesting Dream (eleven.five Remix)

Ruben de Ronde, Shingo Nakamura, Blake Jarrell, Max Graham, Above & Beyond, Jaytech, Aeron Aether, Andy Moor, Shawn Mitiska, Tjerk Coers, Ad Brown, Johan Nilsson, Jacob Henry, Kenneth Thomas, Raz Nitzan

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Photographer: Rob Pitt
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