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Dano - December '10 Trance Mix!


Feb 20, 2010
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December ’10 Trance Mix

1. Proff – Tell
2. Will Dukster feat Solnce - I'm Reaching (Myon & Shane 54 Remix)
3. Oliver Smith – Chordplay
4. Bart Claessen – 90 Nights of Summer
5. 7 Skies – Sushi
6. Orient Blue – Cold Sun
7. Lemon & Einar K – Tenacity
8. Nitrous Oxide – Downforce (Orient Mix)
9. Dave Horne – Pushing Air (Dan Stone Remix)
10. Tritonal feat. Soto – One More Day (Abbott & Chambers Remix)
11. JayB & Sandra Wagner – Desire (Daniel Kandi Classic Remix)
12. Ferry Tale – The Prestige

With so many high energy and uplifting tracks I don’t see how you can’t love this mix. I’m a huge fan of Oliver Smith’s Chordplay and Daniel Kandi’s beautiful remix of Desire. Ferry Tale’s closing track has that classic trance sound that just makes you want to fist pump whether you’re on a train, in the office, or just lounging around on the couch. Enjoy! :music:
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