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Dark, refined and clear Techno by Hansgod out today!


Nov 11, 2011
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Releasedate: 08.12.2013
Genres: Techno/Techhouse/Minimal

01 St melaine
02 Nogroup
03 Ice cream
04 I want to say
05 Forget

About the release:
Hansgod from France is a master of beats and sequencers. He creates mystery spaces, he tells fascinating stories and takes you along to his own little world of sounds. With his ep „Ice cream“ he releses 5 techno tracks at its best for the dancefloor, a nice little ep for these cold days.

About the artist:
Hansgod is a french producer dj/live/act who evolved with electronic music .His breakbeat and hip-hop roots made him reach house music and later techno music.He began mixing at 16 years old and made his first step on a sequencer at 21.Today he wants to stop making melodies to work on tech-house and minimal sound objects ...
He is resident of a new but well known underground place, the after bar in western France.

vGrrr - Digging Nogroup: Like the sharp techno flavoured with that gnarly little wobble.Ice Cream: Broken UK Bass - fits right into my charts. I think it could be a good track for a remix. "I want to say" is a wild ride, I like it! Forget: Not really sure if i like the harmonics in one of the melody-lines, but an interesting track. St. Melaine was missing for some reason.

Mario Ferrini
I Want to Say is my favourite. Will play it in my next show.

Good work! i will try it.

Acid Pimps
Nice sounds. Refined and clean Techno. Forget is my favourite track. Will surelly try this one!

Carsin Therain
Lovely bass on Ice Cream when it drops.

Very interesting, fresh and cool stuff.. will support!

ann m cazal
Dark! incl great rythm parts!

VGrrr, Mario Ferrini, Suffused, Acid Pimps, Casrin Therain, Shadowfall, ann m cazal, Paul Nova, Merly Martin, Bebetta, Liz Cirelli, Edgar De Ramon, Figuero & Obando, Mtdbruno, Jose, Sergio Gomex | BREAKS Ida., Dj Narrative

1. How did you get in touch with electronic music?
At the age of eleven ,i think it was in a motel room ,on a radio i did'nt know the name
it was a flash for me, but all my life when i was a child ,i've been searching electronic music in all songs i listened ,synths etc
I didn't realised that it was just synth sounds that i was looking for
2. Can you tell us a little bit about your release "ice cream"?
It's a dancefloor minimalistic EP whith strange spaces.
3. How do you create your songs?
D begin with the kick and i build a rythmic ,i'm on ableton
4. How you play live?
I play with dubby effects like delays ,reverbs .i create surprises but i let the beat making its job ,sometimes the beat is broken but just with the kick, i don't like clap rollin etc
5. What is the most important thing for you in music?
Now when i do techno especially, i don't want to use melody ,i just want rythm artefacts and a mad bass
6. What are your plans for 2014?
Making good music , minimalistic tech house and a little bit of progressive house .


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