Darude & Randy Boyer Launch New Label, ENMASS MUSIC


Aug 27, 2008
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For Immediate Release December 6th, 2010
Darude and Randy Boyer have announced the inception of their new electronic dance music label, EnMass Music. The label will be used as a platform for their own productions, as well as a channel to nurture a breed of new emerging artists in the electronic dance music industry.

EnMass Music (EMM) will launch with a powerful and melodic trancer, ‘Fragile’ by Randy Boyer featuring amazing ethereal vocals by Cari Golden with remixes by Cerf & Mitiska, Jonas Hornblad and EnMass Music’s own signing, Boyan Angelov, teaming up with Randy Boyer to create a slamming Boyan & Boyer remix. This debut release will be followed up by a string of fierce releases that are ready and waiting for rollout.

"To me, Randy Boyer is the hardest working and the most humble guy in the business and I'm delighted to start this adventure with him. In addition to our own music, we'll both be looking for and giving production support, where needed, to prime artists and tracks to release on our label and play in our sets (which is a requirement for any EMM release, by the way). Both of us being actively touring DJs gives us the opportunity to test play EMM’s unreleased material in the real world while staying in touch with the listeners and keeping up with the new sounds and styles out there,” affirms Darude.

Darude has sold over 5 million records to date worldwide and is recognized by many as one of the most influential artists to emerge from the dance scene in the past decade. Having set the benchmark for a generation of EDM artists with his seminal release ‘Sandstorm’, the ever modest professional is a strong supporter of new talent and music, so much so that he took the decision to set up his own imprint to push not just his own music, but also that of artists' whom he believes in. When he voiced his ideas to his friend Randy, he found out that Randy had similar thoughts of his own, and so the idea of a record company partnership, now realised as EnMass Music, was born.

"I am really excited about this huge opportunity. Collaborating with such a successful artist like Darude is just amazing. Starting a label was a huge endeavour, and teaming up with a partner will allow both of us time to remain where we feel we belong: in the studio. Darude and I make great partners because we have the same vision: to release top-notch electronic dance music. I believe that by combining our creative forces, our fan bases and business networks we can make a huge impact on the industry,” states Randy Boyer.

Randy Boyer has had several releases on all of the biggest EDM labels in the world (ASOT, Ultra, Flashover and Vandit, just to name a few). His tracks have been supported by all of the biggest names in the industry and he has DJed around the globe. With massive hits like 'CQ (Seek You)', 'Alive' and 'Stemcell' (featured on Tiësto's DVD 'Elements Of Life'), Randy's passion for producing top notch EDM has propelled him to dig his hands deeper into the industry by starting his own record label, giving him greater control and creative range over his releases. Trance fans around the globe can expect to be hearing much more from this American producer with the imminent up rise of EnMass Music on the world stage.


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EnMass Music Launch Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9flTgHOmYA