Dash Berlin - Till The Sky Falls Down


Jul 9, 2007
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Got nothing better to do, so I thought I'd start a post on one of the tracks I'm obsessed with atm...

When this first appeared on ASOT I was pro vocal mix...but after hearing it on UR3, it has become clear that the dub mix totally pwns the vocal one...the vocals are unnecessary, and kind of obsfucate the background synths that lead the music..

One of my top tracks of the year for sure.
whilst i do actually like the lyrics, i do prefer the dub mix too
Well this track is really pumping in a club...and no did not get on my nerves just yet:p

Indeed. Well Distantland doesn't have this much club experience it seems ^_^
DistantLand needs some hearing aids :p
Im all for trance not some half dead shit tune!

Ok that might not bee Trance in its best, and not pure (if you can define that) yet I still think it is good to make the crowd jump and make ME dance :super:
Another tune that I'd call decent. It's nothing special for me, such an escapading track. "Okay" tune. 6/10.
Hexfire is being hard on everyone these days :p

haha its ok:D
there is also some other remix :mml: but imho original is better :whistle:
Yeah its the Danilo Ercole mix Tomek

DistantLand, what you smokin? This wouldnt make it on MTV even if it was Amsterdam MTV