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Dawn - Ursula (incl. Aiera & Se.Ra.Phic Remix) out now!


Nov 7, 2010
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Relatively new to the trance scene, Dawn has already proven he is more than capable of producing some quality tracks, featuring enchanting piano melodies and wonderful chord progressions
His latest take on the genre, Ursula, is a track rich in positive feel, and with Blue Soho native Aiera, and the nostalgic sounds of Se.Ra.Phic, on the remix, we are confident of yet another must-have in your trance collection!

The original Ursula is a smooth uplifter, never pushing too hard, nor easing back too gently. It falls firmly into the 'Just Right' category, with lovely euphoric sounds and a streamlined progression. The piano melody expresses many positives, and the lush atmosphere carries it on in smooth fashion!
Aiera kicks the original mix into motion with a harder take on the percussion and bass, but retaining the great sounds and melodies of the original. Signature vocal cutting effects and the airy 'Aiera' sound tranform the original into a real mover, but not without the same euphoric feel!
Se.Ra.Phic turns the sound into a real nostalgia moment! All the sounds you know and love from the earliest days of trance are combined with the atmospheric sounds of the original mix to merge into one unforgettable track! Classic percussion, bass, effects, and most of all, originality!


Supported by ;
Angel Ace, Arctic Moon, Crystal Clouds, Dash Berlin, Dimension, G.Ottavianni, Manuel Le Saux, MIKE, Nery, OzzyXPM, Six Senses, Bryan Summerville (D.Max Recordings), Cesar, Coreye, D Catania,
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