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Deep Care - Blacks [Infrasonic]


Sep 12, 2008
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A much inticipated release from the UK label Infrasonic Recordings. The original and Daniel Kandi mix has already seen support from Above & Beyond furthermore this package has got a remix from Sundriver and Mike Sonar included. Read on for more info on each mix and feel free to check out the clips added to youtube below.

Original Mix
"Blacks" is an energy loaded, acid-line infected, euphoric trance bomb. I love the obscure twists it has plus the hardcore stabs that occur. It feels very well thought through and I feel like I'm listening to something original for once, or at least something which has that little extra. The vocal sample used has a breathe effect to it, and again, this diverts from the usual "uh uh uh ah" female vocals that are usually put to use in trance tunes these days. Great pay-off with a heavy bass and a lush breakdown!

Daniel Kandi 'Lifted' Remix
Kandi follows the 'darker' and slight twisted theme from the original, at least until his signature synth comes into play. The effect of this does however work very well. The clash of these dark background sounds and the main lead feels surprisingly good. I have to mention that while the build-up is quite effective, I had expected some more energy at the pay-off - drumroll -> no kick with rising melody -> release, that it how it goes. Perhaps some fx could have pushed it further.

Sundriver Remix
I have personally been pestering Sundriver a bit for re-using his ideas over and over again and this time, he has pulled up something new from his hat. The style is deep, with a soft round bass and has an overall almost melancholic feel to it. The melody never breaks out big time but it has such a nice presence just like in some of Jerome Isma'Ae's less aggressive tracks.

Mike Sonar Remix
The Mike Sonar version is a light edition of this track. Light as in shiny, uplifting, happy. The bass is almost like taken out of the track "Frozen" which Mike did together with The Flyers. The arpeggiated synth he's put in there adds a nice touch and so does the tight sweep/rise/falls. Nothing too outstanding if you compare this remix to Mike's EP which was also released on Infrasonic earlier in 2009.

I know alot of people have been looking forward to this single and I can understand why. The original is not your everyday trance cheese, at least not in my opinion. All of the remixes adds each their touch. While Daniel's mix might be superior techically, I still think the original deservers all the credit for the details and the great ideas. The Sundriver mix will also do excellent in proggier sets.

Release Date: 02/11/2009

Youtube clips:
Original Mix
Daniel Kandi Mix
Sundriver Mix
Mike Sonar Mix

Kandi RmX Is The BeSt !!!!!