Defcon Audio vs Jamie Walker - Defcontamination (FREE TRACK)

Jul 11, 2006
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One year ago today, Defcon Recordings released their first track - Defcon Audio - Trailblazer. We never thought we'd last as long as we have, and certainly never dreamed we'd have so many great artists on the roster by now!

You may have heard it before on BFTD a few times, this track is an Alphazone-ish type collab between Defcon Audio and Jamie Walker, that unfortunately, like The Next Chapter, was lost in what I now think of as the Great Jamie Walker Hard Drive Disaster of 2010. Thankfully it's probably the only real disaster we've had to endure up to now, but it meant a total of three future releases including this one were lost forever.

This mp3 is all that remains, and so rather than having it sit on my PC forever and be forgotten, we've decided to share it with everyone as an anniversary gift and a thank you :music:

So much more to come from Defcon in 2011, we can hardly wait to bring it to you!

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Great track and congratulations for 1st anniversary :) :hbd:
Well, not a bad track, this. Fairly uncomplicated sound. Not outstanding but not forgetable either. Pitty the wave was lost. I would say if your a producer and your getting released it would be a good idea to make a copy of the wave incase of computer breakdowns which do happen as I found out myself last year:):friends:
any chance for a new link for download ?
a dll limit is reached...nice tune btw