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DER HUT 16 / Splatter & Memnok - Horus 12" Out now...


Oct 18, 2010
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[size=12pt]Splatter & Memnok[/size] - [size=12pt]Horus[/size] *[size=12pt]12"[/size]

Hut 16

Label: Der Hut

1. Horus - Memnok & Splatter
2. Miss Sunshine Remix

3. Daegon Remix
4. Tiari Remix

Splatter and Memnok`s first release on DER HUT is characterized by a dark and atmospheric sound structure fostered up with a propellant solid rhythm. The original as much as the variety of re-interpretations approves one fact: “Horus” was the ultimate victor...

A deep bassline and the variation of minimalistic perc-tones fasten up Miss Sunshine´s remix – and at the end: the mistress comes along with a massive hook. The remix by HUT’s Deagon once again shows his unique style with an experimental and pushing-forward sound design. With this level of suspension he obviously directs this tool to dense and concentrated late-night floors. Tiari´s deep remix is reduced to the darkest, with a pushing and vibrating overall sound. At the same time, this version comes along with a bigger portion of strange and madness.

DER HUT 16 / Splatter & Memnok - Horus
12" Release date 04/01/2011
Digital 04/22/2011

DER HUT Records is Eminor Records’ younger sister and was set up in 2008. DER HUT is a platform with the aim to channel the more technoid, deep and subtle side of the Hamburg based conglomerate. Meaning „the hat“ and on-„guard“ likewise, DER HUT tries to participate in developing its hometown as a hub for cutting edge electronic music. (E ? M I N O R)

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