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Dezza - Good / Apt201 (Incl Remixes) OUT NOW


Jun 18, 2009
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Good / Apt201
(Original, Ricky Inch, Sami Saari and Kaspar Kochker Mixes)

Label: Nellie Recordings
Cat #: NELLIE044

Click here to buy a copy: https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/230135/good_apt201

Derek Silvesters return to Nellie Recordings took eight months, but it was worth the wait! 'Good' & 'Apt201' are two mellow prog housers in true Dezza spirit. You won't be disappointed.

On the remixes we're very pleased to introduce two new names to the label. House guru Ricky Inch contributes in the best possible way with an outstanding housey variation of 'Good', while Sami Saari took a clubbier approach with great chords and a tight and dancefloor-friendly rhythm. The break in Sami's remix is also very inspiring. Last but not least, homeboy Kaspar brings his newfound house passion into the project and gives us a really chill tune.

Played by Bobina, TyDi, Ashley Wallbridge and Neil Moore to name a few.

Also received positive response from producers like Beltek, Airwave, Niklas Gustavsson, Mike Saint-Jules, Darin Epsilon, Dash Berlin, Manuel Le Saux, Kenneth Thomas, Shawn Mitiska, W&W, Add2Basket, Mitch Alexander, Andy Moor, Mark Bale, Flash Brothers, Liluca, Dave Horne, Embliss, Juska Wendland, Mike Haddad, Airillusions, Juha Nikumaa, Nick Stoynoff, Ad Brown and Derek Howell to name some.