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Division One - Colapsar (incl. Marcin Pzybylski Remix) [Darkpload]


Jul 28, 2010
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Release Date: 27 January 2013 (Beatport Exclusive), 10 February 2013 (all portals)

01. Original Mix
02. Marcin Przybylski Remix
03. Intro Mix

The main label opens up its release schedule of 2014 with the brilliant Colapsar by the Polish producer Adam Bialy aka Division One. As premiered during Darkpload Day 2013 back in the June, it was featured in Dark Light track lists several times but definitely for a good reason. Colapsar takes the listeners on a journey through the cold and endless space with its brilliant plucky motive bringing back the good old progressive vibe to life. As addition to the original we got the absolutely wicked intro mix which is even more addictive with its lush and soft beginning slowly fading straight into the drumbeat, making the buildup even better.
As for the remixes, Marcin Przybylski was asked to prepare his own version of Colapsar and nothing more can be said about it that it's totally hot. Transforming the base track into a very aggressive progressive banger, Marcin once again gives his great input to the label and sets the bar very high for his future productions. Must-have release for all cosmic sound lovers!