DJ Abstraction - Aura


Apr 23, 2007
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Hey peeps!

Since having purchased Reason 4 at the beginning of April I am now onto my 3rd track and would love to have some feedback from you peeps if possible :)

DJ Abstraction - Aura

Good or bad, but preferably constructive. I know I've still got a way to go yet before getting that pro edge so go easy on me! :p :grinning:
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i heard it bro. is ok. i think is not yet a pro track (no offense) maybe because the simplicity of the pad and drums.

the bassline is ok, the time is ok. i like long songs, your song is long but not boring not repetitive, it changes and keeps you listening, thats cool :grinning:

the sound is not centered, i hear the hats in one ear only, you can add another track of hats in the other channel with slights differences that will create a nice stereo effect for the hats and also works with drums.

for the pad you can center the sound in the middle and use reververations with stereo panning. it gives it a cool stereo effect with the centered sound. i think you can obtain that effect with some chorus or reververations plugin, also you can try to use square waves and sine waves and mix both. Example:

you can make a track with a melody using square waves. it will sound like some kind of electric stuff.

and you can make the same melody with sine waves, it will sound soft.

then you can mix both tracks adjusting the volume levels and frequencies with an equalizer. to obtain a hard but well deffined pad. with a deep low squared sound and a high and fine sound. you may try this many times until find the exact combination.

i have found that while more complex the sound is better.

i think is good to make music, no matter if you make it with software, or instruments, piano, guitarr etc... while more you try more experience you get.

your song is way too better than many i have heard, i can say you are near to get the professional sound you want, just practice :grinning:

i am not a producer, so i dont have much experience too. i wish i could help you with more details.

cheers bro. hope we can buy tracks from you in the future. :hug:
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Hurrah! :hug: That's what I like to see, loads of juicy information :super:

No offence taken mate :lol: That's why I'm asking for feedback while I learn this crazy program :mask: There are so many features I haven't even tried using yet, and I guess this is one reason my tracks come across as quite basic.


It's funny you should say that about the hats as so did the other guy and after I listened to it I wasn't so sure, but if 2 people have picked up on it my head must be lop sided :lol: I'll have a go at shifting the instruments around as you suggest and have something balance it out on the right hand side.

100% ack about the melody being simple, I'm a complete simpleton on the keyboard :lol: My attempt at making the melody more complex was to use a sequenced synth which adds a load of different sounds and pitch changes in, but I guess this isn't quite enough. Maybe a chorus reverb to the pad then, that would make both changes as you suggest.

The length of the track isn't an issue for me as I believe that to be average for a dance track, I made sure by checking a load of my mp3's and they are anywhere from 7 - 11 mins, so 9 is just right I think :grinning:

Thanks a million for your feedback dude! You're a star :drunk:

I'll have a bash at it again over the weekend and see if I can give it another kick in the right direction :lolz:

no problem bro, we are here to help.

i believe that everyone who has a passion about something, is a star.

keep doing the good work dude, never give up. :hug: