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DJ Abstraction - Sunstroke (Progressive House Mix)


Apr 23, 2007
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If you live in the UK, please check out the news page on my website ;-)


1. Stel - Finding Time feat. John Elliott (Killahurtz Kult Dub)
2. Moth - Foxy feat. Engeline (M.A.S. Collective Remix)
3. Micah - Come From Feat. Jaidene Veda (Nick and John Dalagelis Vocal Remix)
4. Max Demand - Sabine feat. Losiss (Max Demand Rework)
5. Soultan and Tonedepth - Back To You Feat. Heroic (Original Mix)
6. Bongoloverz - Under The Ground Feat. Sloane (Journey Mix)
7. Kermit - Burn The Dance Floor feat. Blanca (Original Mix)
8. Pole Folder - Protected feat. Sandra Ferretti (Original Mix)
9. Rossell - Dancing With Strangers feat. Emmma (Rossells Mexico City Mix)
10. Lance Jordan, John Creamer & Stephane K. - Storm Is Rising (Lance Jordan Shoreline Mix)

Total length: 1.00


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