DJ Change - Radio Day

DJ Change

Feb 7, 2008
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DJ Change
DJing: 10 years
Used: Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK II, DJM-600 + Cubase SX3 or Ableton Live 7 (with Izotope Ozone, Voxengo Elephant, Ohmboys, Waves plugins)
Style: Progressive House, Tech-Hard-Minimal Trance
Date: 18-05-2008

1. Martin Roth - Nustyle 1
2. DJ Danjer ft. Ash - My Danjer Sound (Original mix)
3. Schossow and Brandt - Horny
4. Thomas Penton pres. Stripwalker-Wackjob (Dub)
5. B.E.N vs Mr Pit - More Manners Please (Original mix)
6. Marcos - Reality (Marcos Rework)
7. Orjan Nilsen - Scrubs
9. Sequentia pres Sunshade - Vertigo (Mike Koglin remix)
10.Nic Chagall - What You Need (Marco V)
11.DJ Shog - (Feel Me) Through The Radio (Shogs 2faces mix)

Link: DJ Change - Radio Day
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Awesome Tech Set DJ Chnage

This set is awesome mate! :mml:

Its packed with lots of tech-trance choons that i really enjoy ;) (tracks 5 thru 11 = major :choon:s)

Especially track #6 Marcos - Reality (Marcos Rework) :choonalert:

Great job on this set! I score it a 5/5 \o/

Keep up the great work and cya later! :grinning:

11.DJ Shog - (Feel Me) Through The Radio (Shogs 2faces mix)

I liked this one alot! Nice beat & sweet vocals
It's a solid set with a very nice tracklist, although it lacked a bit of energy :P (in my opinion).
I liked most of My Danjer Sound and (Feel Me) Through The Radio.