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DJ DeSaid -- October 2007 Mix


Apr 2, 2007
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Hi all...
1. DJ DeSaid (Ukraine)
2. 4 years (or may be more)
3. Trance

I present on your court new set for October 2007
DJ DeSaid -- October 2007 Mix
1. Andy Duguid - Dreamcatcher (Original Mix)
2. Signalrunners - Don't Look Back (Original Mix)
3. Shawn Mitiska feat. Jaren - Silently (Original Mix)
4. Dash Berlin - 'Till The Sky Falls Down (Dub Mix)
5. Ronski Speed - Love All The Pain Away (Original Vocal Mix)
6. M Waering - 5 Terre (Original Mix)
7. John O'callaghan pres Mannix - Dream On (Original Mix)
8. Se.ra.phic - Heaven Trace (Underplain Remix)
9. Cosmic Gate - Body Of Conflict (Cosmic Gate Club Mix)

waiting for your comments ))

ps I hope to get on Ah.Fm ))) I dream about it ))
Раз уж автор с соседней Украины, пишу по-русски: по треклисту жесть, должно быть интересно. Вечером качну и послушаю.
Thanks for submitting :)

The set progresses quite nicely, was an enjoyable listen :smile1:
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