Dj Privilege Harmonic Sessions


Apr 3, 2007
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Hi all,
I am Dj Privilege from North Cyprus, very honoured to meet you all here in afterhours fm. I am posting one of my promo mixes. Please enjoy, I would like to hear from you.



Part 1 :130 bpm/29 min 53 secs.

1- Experiental - Blue Skies ---7A D Minor

2- S-Tune Pres. Soeren S - Summer Rain (Supüer Remix) ---7A D Minor

3- Filo & Peri - Closer Now (Luke Terry 2007 Remix) ---7B F Major ( Relalative Major Of Previous )

4- Sultan & Ned Ned Shepard Feat. Stereomovers - Connected (Ignas Remix) ---B C Major ( Perfect Fifth Dominant Of Previous )

5- The Space Brothers Shine (Blake Darell & Jeff Devas Space Roomates Mix) ---A A Minor ( Relative Minor Of Previous )

6- Galore - The Other Way Around ---9A E Minor ( Perfect Fifth Dominant Of Previous )

Part 1

Part 2 :136 bpm/29 min 01 secs.

1-Judge Jules - Without Love ( Signulrunners Dub ) ----12A D-Flat Minor

2- Nitrous Oxide - Territory ( Sonic Division Remix )----2A D-Flat Minor

3- The Flash Brothers Feat Tiff Lacey - Stay ( Noel Sanger Remix )---1A A-Flat Minor (Perfect Fifth Dominant Of Previous)

4- Kyau vs Albert Feat Julie - Not With You ( Ronki Speed Remix )----2A E-Flat Minor (Perfect Fifth Dominant Of Previous)

5- Sytone - Heal My World ( Original Mix ) ----3A B-Flat Minor (Perfect Fifth Dominant Of Previous)

Part 2
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